Get a jump start on your career while in school!

The most successful University and College students are all competing for the same great jobs and business opportunities. While in school and in the summer, as a Student Works Painting Manager you will learn how to develop and implement a business plan, recruit employees, advertise and market a business, sell jobs and control costs and manage profits. These are all hard and soft business skills that will distinguish you from your peers, giving you a jump- start in your career once you graduate!

How Does The Program Work Around School?

How Does The Program Work Around School?

At Summer Management Program each member of the management team has been through this program and were all at one time students with school at the top of our priority list. We specialize in helping students to manage their time around school academics and extracurricular activities. With emphasis on weekly goal setting and organizational skills our program is specifically designed to support hard working students to market, sell manage and lead their own business in the pre-season. Many students comment that their marks go up due to an improvement in their organizational and time management skills. 

This is just not another summer job! You will be running your own business. In the end to succeed takes time and 100 % commitment to the process. We are looking for students that are highly motivated and hardworking and who can handle the additional responsibility while in school.

Interview/ Selection Process

Our applicants for The Summer Management Program, come from a wide range of different academic programs from social science, to business to the pure sciences. Fewer than 20% of our managers have any previous managerial  experience. What our successful applicants do have in common is a drive to succeed and create great results.

  Our interview process is very selective to ensure that we pick the best people who are most suited to the program and the responsibility that it entails as this program is not for everybody. During the process we interview over 3000 students with a total of 150 successful candidates  selected for positions in Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada.

Each applicant goes through an interview process that  identifies his/her suitability for the program through one on one interviews as well as the completion of a specialized profile test designed specifically for the Summer Management Program. 

How Does The Program Work?

The Summer Management Program will provide you with a proven business framework as well as an experienced support team. Our team is with you every step of the way: getting started, finding customers, completing the job, providing you with the training, knowledge, materials and support to run your own business. 

See Training Timelines for details ***

Summer Earnings

The amount of money you make is dependent on you and how much effort you put into your business. If you can follow the steps outlined in our system and commit to the program and the process you will increase your odds of financial success. 

The rewards can be very big depending on how hard you work but there is no guarantee about how much you will make as this is not a job where you are a paid employee. You will be working in a results economy. If you are prepared to learn, work hard and follow the systems in place you can excel financially. You will be working with an experienced district manager who will coach you through each step of the process to drive you to realize your goals.

What The Summer Management Program Provides

Full Business Training

Full training though conferences, systems manuals and individual coaching on business topics including:

  • Marketing
  • Recruiting
  • Sales
  • Problem solving
  • Paint Technology
  • Safety
  • Time Management
  • Production Management
  • Employee and Customer Relations
  • Profitability
A District Manager

A very successful past manager who works full time to support new managers throughout the pre-season and summer. District Managers provide individual coaching, join managers on sales calls and jobsites, facilitate numerous training activities, monitor your business on weekly calls, and much more.

Industry-Leading Business Advantages

Every business run through the Summer Management Program is automatically covered by all of our numerous industry-leading programs:

  • $5 million in liability insurance coverage
  • Major price discounts with leading  suppliers
  • 3 year job guarantee to all clients
  • Line of credit with  supplier for materials
  • Workers compensation coverage for employee

Safety Training and Support

  • In class Safety Training for Managers
  • Online Safety Tutorial and Test to be completed by all managers and their staff
  • Safety Guidelines and manual provided for on-site use

Extra Value

  • A known and respected name in the paint contracting business
  • The most experienced and successful management team in the student services business
  • Access to excellent future opportunity with our alumni network
Business Kit

All physical resources necessary to start marketing, selling, and recruiting for your business: 

  • Administrative documents (forms, client agreements, binders, etc.)
  • Marketing materials (business cards, lawn signs, flyers, vehicle signs, etc.)
  • Recruiting materials (posters, applications, interview check lists, government forms, etc.)
  • Complete operating systems
  • Operations manual, sales presentation binder for clients, jobsite manuals, and other guides

Full administrative support including: 

  • Payroll processing
  • Government remittances
  • Accounting reports
  • Other administrative aid
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