In his first year with Student Works, Broder Currie doubled our rookie operator record and did over 200k in business.

Broder Currie
(Source: LinkedIn)

This year, his second we might add, he’s set his sights on doing half a million. In a recent conversation with Chris Thomson on our Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast, Broder shared just how he plans to scale his business to such heights:

See the Opportunity

For entrepreneurs, cultivating a positive mindset is one of the most powerful ways to avoid scarcity mentality and thrive. When he started with Student Works, Broder did just that.

“Every single house, every single building you see needs their windows cleaned, they need their gutters cleaned, they need some sort of pressure washing done and you’re just there to fill that need. When I had that mindset it shifted so much and I thought, okay maybe I can [market my business effectively]! I didn’t think about breaking records, I just thought maybe I can run a successful business,” he shared.

He thought right.

Be a Team Player

Inexperienced entrepreneurs often come out the gates firing on all cylinders, propelled by the belief that they themselves will be the reason their company succeeds. What they often learn, and usually the hard way, is that other people can pick up the slack on their weaknesses and be instrumental in their growth. 

“If I’m just one person, I can only do so much. I can be the best ever at selling, but I can’t be in three places at once. I can only be in one spot selling to one client. So hey, if I build a fantastic team, who can not only sell more, can not only go out and produce more, can not only go out and market more, then we can really grow this business! That was my goal right from the get go,” he told Chris. 

For such a successful operator, Broder shared that he didn’t even consider himself a great window cleaner. Thankfully, he’s a team player. 

“The best part about it was that I just found people who were better than me at certain things. I’ll be honest Chris, I’m a window cleaning operator and I’m not the best at cleaning windows. I leave little streaks and I miss them. But I found a team that is so efficient and so hardworking and they filled that need. I might be good at sales, but I found a sales rep who might be better than me! Two months in I was learning from him,” he shared.

Best of luck on smashing your impressive record, Broder!

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