Ed Buset dreams big.

Ed Buset
(Source: LinkedIn)

Over the course of his career, this Student Works alum went from being a student painter to running a $40 million construction company.

In a recent conversation with Chris Thomson on our Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast, Ed revealed how his billionaire mindset helped set the pace for his inspiring career.

Looking to emulate a career like Eds? Here are two strategies he shared on how to get ahead:

Go Bigger

Just because you reach a professional milestone doesn’t mean you welcome complacency into your career. 

“Start big. Go higher. When I was in Student Works Painting somebody told me ‘Wow, one day you’ll do a million dollars in business a year’, I now want to do billions of dollars. Right? That’s our audacious goal and I think it’s important to set them. You will get this confidence if you continuously try to improve.” he told Chris. 

Plus, most people aren’t leaders. Ed believes that if you’re a born leader, you have to embrace that and constantly strive for more.

“If you decide to go into business, you’re already taking the path less travelled and it’s a big sense of responsibility. It really is. So if you’re gonna have all that responsibility and you’re taking the path less travelled, have it all. Make the biggest goal that you can and keep pushing towards it. You have a lifetime to achieve it. I’ve seen it all and studied lots of entrepreneurs in the tech world and they seem to be able to run multiple businesses and have multiple careers … I think that if you take on this mindset of continuous improvement, you understand the responsibility with your decisions and you dream big, you can really have an extraordinary life doing it,” he explained.


Ed understands that in every business, there are distinct individuals who help the company shine by bringing their unique skills to the table.

“It’s a funny story. I learned that I could have really good team members and I had to trust them. Entrepreneurs can’t do everything. I learned this at a very young age when I was in the choir. Our music teacher kept saying there was somebody singing off key and [she asked us to] try it again and take it from the top, So you know, after two or three times of this, she [said it wasn’t] getting any better. I just somehow decided to stop singing. So the next time we tried it she [said] that’s perfect, you guys got it! So you know, we find the people who are good at doing certain things and we give them the space to do it, we encourage them, and we celebrate our successes together,” Ed said.

Three cheers for teamwork!

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