Brandon Cornish knows how to defy expectations.

Brandon Cornish (Source: LinkedIn)

In his first year with Student Works, he broke the all-time window cleaning rookie record, clocking nearly six figures in sales.

With this in mind, it may surprise you that just one year ago, Brandon never could’ve imagined himself in the position he’s in now. So what changed? 

In a conversation with Chris Thomspon on our Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast, Brandon divulged the secrets to his record-breaking success:

Stay Connected

When you think you’ve got it all figured out, you shut yourself off from learning. Brandon is keenly aware of this pitfall that many professionals succumb to, and credits his habit of staying connected to other top performers as what enables him to be one himself. 

Never be afraid to pick up the phone, call your colleagues, and see how they’re doing. You just might learn something from the bits and pieces of wisdom you learn from their journeys.

Stay Efficient

I strongly believe that all top performers are making the best use of their time … If they have something slotted off, they’re giving 100% effort” said Brandon. 

We can attest: He walks his talk! Though Brandon isn’t studying business and claims he couldn’t see himself in a sales position before Student Works, he credits “putting the time” in as a huge catalyst for his success. The more you sow, the more you reap. 

Stay Motivated

One interesting move from Brandon’s playbook is his habit of setting increasingly difficult goals to achieve, even after he fails to achieve them.

“What you have to do next week is increase the goal and make sure you make up for last week. So really, [you just have to stay] focused and committed to the finished result” said Brandon. 

And the comparison trap we all get sucked into from time to time? Dodge it. Brandon advises that keeping your head down, running at your own rate, and staying focused on and committed to achieving your individual goal is all you need to succeed. 

Stay Inspiring

When you use your voice and power for good, you inspire others to become better versions of themselves. Brandon suggests developing your communication skills and focusing on helping others as an avenue to begin cultivating a strong and passionate team.

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