Before joining us, Justin Georgopoulos wasn’t sure Student Works was the right fit for him.

Justin Georgopoulos
(Source: LinkedIn)

After attending an info session, he decided that operating a painting business didn’t possess the glamour he was searching for in his career. 

For one thing, he’d always envisioned himself being an online entrepreneur. But for some reason, that he now believes were moments of synchronicity, Justin couldn’t get away from us.

Whether he was getting a haircut from his barber brother who raved about how punctual and professional all his Student Works clients were, or going to work at a hotel that was hosting our recruitment training, we were always there waiting for him to come around.

Come around, he did. In fact, in his first year, he doubled the all-time rookie record, doing over $450k in business. 

In a recent conversation with Chris Thomson on our Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast, Justin shared the secret that got him to where he is today.

The Power of Intention

Justin is a firm believer in setting lofty goals. In fact, he thinks that if a goal doesn’t scare you, it isn’t challenging enough.

“Top performers are putting their attention on what they want. They’re really mapping out and creating a vision for themselves. They’re understanding where they want to go. I think that’s such a key thing. They’re creating ‘why’s’ of what they want to do and how they want to do it. So having that launchpad, that basis, of why you want to go and operate at a high-level, knowing who’s going to be impacted … you feel a pull [toward your goal] rather than [feeling like you’re pushing towards it].” he explained.

When it came to his goal of breaking the rookie record, Justin refused to believe that it might not happen.  

“My purpose and my desire was to run a hundred thousand dollar business, break the London record and the rookie record. My passwords, they’re changed now, but they were “isetthelondonrecord.” On my ceiling, I have my goals tacked, so that every time I wake up I see my big hairy goals right in front of my face. On my vision board, I see things that I’m going to achieve in my near future. I also changed my language. As you just heard, I said things like ‘I’m going to achieve’, not ‘things I hope to achieve’ or ‘things I might achieve’. Plus, instead of music, I listened to podcasts and audiobooks that are about success and achieving things in a really cultivated environment. Your mind is a soil so before you plant the seeds, make sure the soil is healthy,” he told Chris.

You’re taking notes, right?

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