Louis Sabourin thrives under pressure.

Louis Sabourin
(Source: LinkedIn)

Growing up timid, it would’ve been easy for Louis to fade into the background of his life. Instead, he flipped the script. Throughout his adolescence, he was always eager to advance at whatever endeavour he was taking on. 

That level of commitment and determination shows. As the Student Works “Rookie Coach of the Year”, Louis not only helped his own business evolve to greater heights, but he also succeeded in mentoring rookie operators in helping their ventures grow as well.

In a recent conversation with Chris Thomson on our Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast, Louis shared why he thinks the magic happens outside of your comfort zone:

Take the Leap

Louis never shies away from the hard parts of life. In fact, he believes that you can’t let the fear of failure stop you from reaching your full potential.

“All I have to say is just get after [your goals]. Whatever you want to achieve, whether it’s starting a business, becoming a dentist, traveling the world, having that hard conversation with a loved one or special person in your life, because you should just plan it and execute it. You most likely don’t have anything to lose, or have very little to lose. Get out of your comfort zone, it’ll feel weird at the beginning but in the end you’ll get rewarded and it’ll feel really good afterwards,” he told Chris.

Adapt and React

When Covid-19 first hit, it was a turbulent time for many businesses. Instead of letting his anxieties about the pandemic send him back into his shell, Louis adapted and reacted accordingly.

“I was actually one of the first operators in the business who kept selling when everything shut down through just changing the sales process. [I was] asking clients what they were comfortable with, doing zoom estimates, going to see walk arounds when clients were there but I would talk to them through the screen door from 10 meters away because everything was just all over the place. In the end, I had a great year. I’m really happy with how my business went, I have some great people working for me and really happy clients … it was a period of adaptation at the start but in the end, nothing is impossible, you get through it,” he explained.

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