The trajectory of a Student Works operator can take many twists and turns. Mackenzie Mercier knows this all too well.

Mackenzie Mercier
(Source: Facebook)

His rookie year, in his own words, didn’t “start very powerfully.” However, Mackenzie flipped the script quickly, accessing a reservoir of determination within himself that empowered him to bill $603k in his final year.

In a recent conversation with Chris Thomson on our Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast, Mackenzie shared the advice that inspired him to turn things around:

Find your Unique Ability

What sets you apart from everyone else? While it took some trial and error, Mackenzie’s business took off once he learned to play to his strengths.

“Look at what could be your unique ability. For me it was definitely sales. I thrived at sales. I was good at sales, but it’s not for everybody.” he told Chris.

However, it’s important to note that what you’re best at, and what you love to do, aren’t always aligned.

“There’s an extreme difference between the two. Somebody could be great at running production but absolutely hate it and I don’t think there’s any room for improvement there. If you really don’t like it you could be at that good stage for so long and never really have the motivation to gain the skills to be great. I think you really need to love it.” he explained.

Make it Work for you

After discovering that his unique ability was sales, Mackenzie put pedal to the metal and kickstarted powerful marketing initiatives.

“People just knew we were around. We were the main painting company to go to for a quote. Anything in your house that needed painting, people at least thought of us. Whether or not they booked with us, we were in their head. We had a Facebook group for the neighbourhood, so every Friday, you’re able to advertise on that page. Every Friday we’d be posting. Sometimes we’d even ask the client for permission to put in their address, so I would even say ‘We’re working at this address tomorrow, on Saturday. Drive-by. Check it out.’” he shared.

Congratulations on your fantastic final year Mackenzie! 

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