Nick Eaves isn’t shy about sharing the secrets to his success.

Nick Eaves (Source: LinkedIn)

But long before he was the Chief Operating Officer at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, he spent four years with Student Works. 

After hearing all about how his friend found meaning and purpose while running a summer business with us, Nick wanted in.

Since his days as a burgeoning leader, he’s confidently climbed a steady ladder of corporate achievement, and we are so fortunate that we get to tap into his knowledge base!

In a fascinating discussion with Chris Thomson, who was once Nick’s mentor, on our Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast, Nick generously shared his story with the listeners.

If you’re looking to achieve a career arc like his, take note of the powerful insights found within his secrets to success:

Stay Humble

According to Nick, believing that you’re special can come with some damning consequences.

“The reality is that none of us are that important, and as soon as we begin to think we are, then I think we got a problem,” he stated frankly. 

Nick believes he is merely one cog in the machine of his business, and that any leader who thinks they’re more than that is focused on the wrong stuff. 

“Those who are most successful are the ones who have really done everything inside of their business,” he says.

Bosses who are hands on, and prioritize working alongside their team are able to demonstrate that success comes from the efforts of the entire workplace ecosystem, not merely one person.

Stay the Course

Nick credits a large amount of his prosperity to the belief that bigger and better things would continue to come his way.

Instead of waiting blindly for the next opportunity, he “intentionally invested in decisions and behaviours that [he] felt confident would be rewarded.” he reflected. 

The caveat? “I was patient in allowing that reward to come,” he said. Don’t stand down, stay the course, and you’ll get where you’re trying to go. 

Stay Connected

“I’ve never done anything on my own, most people don’t,” he admitted.

If you’re smart, all the people you meet on your professional journey become a valuable network of resources you can tap into throughout your career. Nick urged young leaders to not lose sight of that, and to always remain in touch with their professional contacts in a meaningful, and symbiotic way. 

“Don’t be an inauthentic networker,” he warns. People can see right through it, and using others as pawns in your professional life is not the purpose of maintaining a vibrant community of contacts. 

The real value lies in helping others through obstacles you’ve previously experienced and metabolizing your networks tough lessons as your own so that you can avoid the setbacks they once faced.

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