Richard Simtob, like you if you’re reading this article, is not like the rest. 

Richard Simtob (Source: LinkedIn)

A serial entrepreneur with experience across a broad range of industries, Richard hustles hard and his long and fruitful entrepreneurial career is the trophy he has to show for it. 

During his time with Student Works, a period in which he put pedal to the metal 7 days a week, Richard exuded many qualities of a budding top performer. He worked relentlessly, focused on communication, and possessed the fire in his belly that led him to go on to become the powerhouse he is today. 

However, according to Richard, he would’ve never reached the heights he soars at presently without his unique abilities.

In a conversation with Chris Thomson on our Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast, Richard unpacked exactly what he identifies as a ‘unique ability’.

“If i’m doing something and it doesn’t feel like work, and I can’t believe how quickly time flies, that’s probably [my] unique ability,” he detailed. 

So what special skills does Richard have in his arsenal that he defines as his own unique abilities?

Fact Finding

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but historically, it’s left Richard entirely unscathed. 

“I like to uncover underlying issues, so wherever we are, in whatever situation, I like to find out what the core issue is.” he said, when explaining that nipping problems in the bud before they become troublesome has been one of the top strategies that has enabled him to run successful ventures. 


That inquisitive nature? It also acts as a transferable skill that aids Richard in negotiations.

“I have a landlord and I have a tenant and the landlord wants a high rent and the tenant wants to pay a low rent. There’s a number in there that makes sense to both [parties] and I’ve always been able to find that sweet spot,” he explained.

His track record speaks for itself – he’s consistently able to find a mutual way that everyone he works with can negotiate a beneficial deal for themselves. 


“I’m only as successful as the people who are around me,” he remarked.

One of the key pillars of a profitable business is a motivated team.  

“I have had to put [the people I work with] through courses, spend time coaching [them], give them some good guidance, and help them get [going in] the right direction,” he said.

A leader who is generous with his or her time, and provides both detailed feedback and a soundboard to discuss any issues one might have is, simply put, the gold standard. 

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