In his years with Student Works, District Manager Tyrus Reid has developed a detailed understanding of what it takes to run a successful operation. After realizing that the 9 to 5 world wasn’t his cup of tea, he felt pulled towards the results economy and never looked back.

Tyrus Reid (Source: Student Works)

In a fascinating conversation with Chris Thomson on our Leader of Tomorrow podcast, Tyrus went into detail about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how to avoid burnout, and most importantly, how to have a positive impact on those around you.

Here’s a peek into how Tyrus Reid gets it done:


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it’s a vocation that requires determination and commitment from those set out to succeed in it. 

“One thing you really just have to do is fully commit to whatever it is that you want to do … Not having one foot in the water, and having one foot out, or sitting on the fence. If you’re not fully mentally committed to it you’re going to always be looking for a way out or for something that would be easier. I think [being that committed] is the definition of an entrepreneur,” Tyrus explained.

The sentiment rings true. As Tyrus went on to say, “if you really want something, you need to throw yourself into the fire for it.”


One mistake new business owners often make is failing to delegate, a lesson Tyrus learned the hard way in his first year as a rookie operator. However, upon entering his second year he ensured that he was equipped with everything, and every one he needed to avoid burnout the second time around. 

“I made sure that I hired really really great people. I spent a ton more time hiring. I hired a production manager so he could help me run the business. The amount of free time that I had, comparing my first year to my second year was laughable. I was blown away by what was actually possible by having other people and using their skills and leveraging their skills. It helps you not get overwhelmed as much,” he told Chris.

Give Back

For Tyrus, it’s important to give back to his community in any way that he can. In his rookie year, his district manager “changed his life”, and without that sage wisdom from the one who came before him, he wouldn’t be where he is today. 

Therefore, Tyrus is applying to become a district manager himself, so that he can help the new batch of rookies weather the storms that come along with operating a new business.

“What I’ve been able to see is possible with my life and in general though the Student Works program, it would be wrong of me not to share that with other people. I wanted to get involved one on one with that experience. Working from the recruiting stages, finding great people and then working with them until the end of the season and then just seeing how much they’ve developed as a person and changed. That was one of the big reasons why I wanted to become a district manager and a coach,” he said.

And the Student Works ecosystem keeps on keeping on!

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