To ensure a high quality house painting job for each and every customer each team of painters will complete the following 6 steps:

Step 1: Survey and prep the job site

Before any work is started the crew will place heavy duty canvas drop cloths around your home where scraping will be done. These cloths will protect your property and allow for efficient clean up at the end of each day.
All work material will be set up allowing for an efficient and safe work area.

Step 2: Preparation of Surfaces
  • At Student Works painting surface preparation is a top priority as correct surface preparation will: enhances the protection offered by the final coat of paint extends the protection lifetime
  • Over the lifetime of the building saves the home or business owner money

How is proper surface preparation done?

  1. The first step is to clean the surface of the area to be painted. A Full area wash is performed where needed either using a hose or by power washing depending on the build-up of dirt and mildew. The goal is to remove all loose dirt, mildew to provide a clean surface to which new paint can be adhered. In some cases areas are hand washed with TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) to remove dirt and mildew, preparing the surface to be painted.
  2. Once the areas to be painted have been cleaned they are scraped and sanded to remove all loose paint. Scraping will remove all loose and peeling paint allowing for a new coat of paint to adhere. This method will leave and edge that can be sanded down softening the edge of the scraped area but not making it disappear completely.
  3. If needed, Stucco patch and wood filler are used to patch areas where required.
  4. Latex Caulking is then used in cracks around windows and doors to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood areas and causing future damage. Caulking is also used to fix small cracks in stucco as well as cracks in Fascia Boards.
  5. Putty (glaze) is used in those homes with older windows only. The Putty provides a seal against moisture and cold air between the glass and wood. It does not require painting
Step 3: Spot prime all scraped & sanded areas

After sanding and scraping is complete all bare wood spots are primed to provide a surface to which the final coat of paint will properly adhere. This is a critical step to ensuring that the paint job will last. Depending on the surface to be painted/stained (wood and or metal) the correct primer will be used.

Step 4: Paint/Stain all areas

Your home is now ready for the final coat of paint and or stain. This coat will protect your home from the wear and tear sustained by the environmental elements (snow, moisture, ultra-violet rays).

Step 5: Clean up job site

Our crew will clean up each day as well as at the completion of your project. All paint chips will be swept up and all painting materials will stored neatly.

Step 6: Review completed job with homeowner

As our valued customer, you are ensured complete satisfaction. The crew chief on each project is required to obtain your written consent before moving on to the next project. In addition, each operator will ask you for your candid comments during the different steps of the project to ensure satisfaction throughout the job’s entirety.

  • We are in the business of creating leaders by recruiting, training and coaching the best students across Canada. Since 1981, we have created many successful Canadian business leaders while pleasing 100,000’s of homeowners with quality interior and exterior painting services, and providing summer employment for students.

  • Naveli and her crew were on time and took all the precautions necessary to protect plants, equipment etc. They worked safely and efficiently and did an excellent job. We were happy with their work.

    Keith G. Mississauga, Ontario
  • We had Nick and his crew in to stain our wrap around porch on our old farm house and I couldn't be happier with the finished product! Nick listened attentively and made specific suggestions according to our needs. The porch was in bad shape and needed a good scrapping, sanding and staining. The crew was polite and respectful and did a fantastic job! I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

    Sherry Winchester, Ontario
  • To Whom It May Concern: Re: Michael Holley's STUDENT WORKS PAINTING I have just had the interior of one of my properties painted - a total of eight rooms. The work done is really very good - not a drop of paint where it is not supposed to be. Careful attention to trim, cutting in on borders, and producing even coverage. Mike and his team worked very efficiently, and cleaned up so you would not know they were there. Mike is a friendly, organized, and businesslike fellow, whom I strongly recommend…

    Dr. W. J. Beck Kingston, Ontario
  • The team arrived on time on the pre-scheduled date, having previously done a match with the old paint colour. They worked steadily, completing an excellent job earlier than expected. All were careful, friendly and pleasant to have in and around our house.

    Wayne Merrickville Ontario
  • I found the crew to be very hard working and paid close attention to detail . They scraped and sanded where necessary plus kept a clean work site. They had an excellent work ethic, l would recommend them to anyone.

    John T. Halifax NS
  • Ten out of ten!

    Pat C. Kingston, ON
  • I highly recommend them - and what an opportunity to help a student with their education! Thanks Student Works!

    Joe M. Windsor, ON
  • Ted and his painters worked hard and we appreciate the finished product. The painters where clean and tidy and the work was done on time. Thank - you Ted, job well done.

    Brian M. London, ON
  • I hired Jeff at Student Works to paint the exterior of our 2 story house with 46 windows. It looks amazing. Jeff and his crew were on time and very professional. We enjoyed having them on the property, very personable. All in all a great experience, will hire them back next year for some interior work.

    Deborah H. Thornbury, ON
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