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Our painters are highly motivated university and college students who are driven by their desire to gain valuable real world business experience while earning money to help fund their ongoing post secondary education. We have used this model to provide quality interior and exterior painting services to homeowners since 1981; we are consistently able to attract the best students from across Canada who share our core values. We are proud of our thousands of satisfied homeowners as well as our student painters and operators who have used their summer experience to grow as individuals and launch their careers.   Each of our painters completes an intensive training program before ever reaching a job site. The program covers not only the skills required to do excellent work in prepping, painting and staining interior and exterior spaces, but also the information needed to do so safely. Our crews handle about 5,000 projects each year, and we've been at it since 1981, so you can be confident that our methods for recruiting, training and deploying our painting managers and crews results in successfully completed projects job after job, year after year. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers across Eastern Canada. Take a look at some of our work.  

Many of our customers have wondered if hiring a student is the best choice for their home painting project. We believe that our highly selective hiring procedures and our intensive training programs for both painters and managers along with more than 30 years' experience to share with our students, and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers are evidence enough that Student Works painters will perform the task to your rigorous standards. In fact, we guarantee it.

Whether we are painting the exterior or the interior of your home, whether we're refreshing the trim on your windows, or updating your entire house, our team of painters will follow the same 6-step process. This strict adherence to our standard procedures no matter how big or small the task ensures a quality, long-lasting job and your complete satisfaction. There are 3 steps that precede the painting and 2 that follow, with the final one being the most important: a review of the job by our crew chief with you. The crew chief will seek your comments throughout the process and will not move on to the next project before obtaining your written consent confirming that the job has been performed to your satisfaction.  In our experience, paint failure is most often caused by simply rushing the prep work. Because one of our top priorities is attention to detail, starting with the preparation of your surfaces, and because we use only top-of-the-line primer and paint products on your job, we are able to offer the longest guarantee in the industry: 3 years. And you'll have that guarantee in writing.

If you take a moment to read through some of the kind words our clients have written to us over the years, you will find that they often make special note of our painters' attention to detail. It is not a coincidence that this phrase comes up time and again. We provide rigorous training and active ongoing evaluations of our operators and painters, not only of their skills, but also of their work ethic, to ensure your complete satisfaction.  

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Give your neighbourhood Student Works operator the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your painting project. He or she will review your needs and provide you with a written estimate at no cost. When you check our price against other comparable services (using paints and stains of the highest quality, and fully insured workers), we are confident you will find us to be the best value.

If you have a painting job that needs doing, let us offer you a free estimate. Just fill out our brief form, or call us directly at 1-800-803-1100, and we'll have your local manager contact you in 24 to 48 hours to schedule an appointment at your convenience. After visiting your site and reviewing the requirements of your job, your neighbourhood operator will give you a detailed written quote. If you'd like, we can offer you a range of options and prices, or break the project down into smaller tasks so you can make an informed decision and stay within your budget.  Our operators have been hired after an intensive process that rewards only those who are highly motivated and hard-working. They are supported by an excellent training program and our substantial technical support and experience. These operators in turn hand select their crew of painters who are provided with excellent training and ongoing evaluations.

After more than 30 years in business, and having become one of the largest residential painting companies in North America, Student Works has clearly demonstrated its commitment to delivering quality workmanship and outstanding service. We are very proud of the opportunities we provide to college and university students, helping them to learn important business skills and inspiring them to become team leaders and business leaders.  

Let one of our amazing and energetic crews paint your house this summer. We recruit only the most motivated individuals whose goals are to learn how to run a business successfully, to continue their college or university education in the fall, and to gain valuable leadership experience in the process. They are hardworking and well trained to deliver service of the highest quality and to meet or exceed your expectations.

How do our prices compare to other painting companies? In a word, competitively. Provided you are comparing the same services, you will find that Student Works prices are in line with our competitors and offer the best value. The reason we make this claim is that we provide the highest quality service. We use only top quality materials, for a lasting finish. As part of our 6-step process, we pay particular attention to preparing the job site, which ensures that your property is protected and our work area is safe. We take the necessary time and attention to clean, scrape, sand, patch, caulk or putty and prime the surfaces to be painted or stained correctly, ensuring that the final coat of paint or stain will last for years. In fact, our guarantee is 3 years, the longest in the industry. When you compare the same service, our price for painting your home will be very competitive.  

If you have a painting project (exterior or interior), contact us for a FREE detailed estimate.
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