Company Culture

We are a values driven business and our values are what create our great company culture. These are our key values:

  • Relationships are Everything
  • Work Hard, Play Hard, Have Fun
  • The Four Referability Habits
    (Be on Time, Do What You Say, Say Please and Thank You and Finish What You Start)
  • One Must Earn the Right to Work Here
  • Results Economy
    (Allow People to Earn What They Create in Value)

Our recruiting process is in place to attract candidates that share or are in alignment with our values. As a Manager in The Summer Management Program, you surround yourself with liked minded students who are inspiring and motivating. This network of people that you will build around you will connections that will last you a lifetime!

Awards, Events, Incentives

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The Summer Management Program believes in rewarding people for achieving short term and long term goals.

We have District Manager and company sponsored prizes, events and incentives.

Incentive Trip to the Caribbean


Our most sought after incentive is a free trip to the Caribbean at the end of the summer. This trip is for those who have achieved pre-defined production targets. Typically over 20% of Managers win this trip for high performers.

Year End Banquet


At the end of each summer, just before the trip, we celebrate the summer’s success at a top venue in Toronto. All managers are invited to the event. The evening includes a formal dinner, awards as well as a ton of fun!

Other events throughout the summer include:

Rafting, Alumni Events, Paintball, Beach Volleyball, Baseball Events, Skydiving, Other payroll events

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