I have no managerial experience. How do I know I will succeed?

Fewer than twenty percent of our new Managers have had any previous managerial experience . You must begin by recognizing what it takes to be successful. While your friends are relaxing on spring weekends, you will be setting up your summer. When exams are over and papers are in, the hours will be longer than any job you have had before. With our training and guidance, you success is based on how much effort you put into your business.

Thousands have gone before you and have been successful. Like you, they were university and college students, not super-human. What made them successful was their desire to stand above the crowd and lay the foundations for their future.


How do I make money?

As you will be running a business, you make money based on the profit that your business generates (see financials). Every two weeks at the same time you pay your employees, you may withdraw profit from your account. Expect to draw your first profit cheque four weeks (or $10,000 to $15,000) into production. Most of your profit comes in the last two months of the summer (July, August).

How do I find employees?

At The Summer Management Program, we provide recruiting materials and the training necessary to source good people. The main ways are through networking, putting up posters, internet job ads (Indeed), job fairs, booths, student employment organizations, and various websites.

How do I find clients?

We will provide you with marketing materials and a system for using them. If the marketing systems are being followed, leads for jobs will be found.  Typically, for every two estimates that our company provides, we usually land one (47% conversion). We also have a “ past client list” which can be called to generate leads. Our customers recognize our brand, value proposition and want to support students.

Do I need equipment?

Standard equipment will be is needed. There are a few options available to students. Some will buy used equipment from past Operators; some will use the credit line that we establish on behalf of all Operators. When your summer(s) are over this equipment can be readily re-sold usually for half to three quarters purchase price.

My studies are my number one priority. How can I put in 15 hours per week while still in school?

We have all been through The Summer Management Program and were once all students with school at the top of our priority list. We specialize in helping students to manage their time around their school and extracurricular commitments. In fact, a number of students put in far more than 15 hours per week as they have set their goals a little higher and yet they still excel in school. Students who have gone through the program almost without exception find their marks go up due to the much better time management and organizational skills they develop.

I'm not a business student, can I do this?

We have Student Managers from all faculties. The experience gained from this is invaluable in all respects and will help student in securing post-graduate employment in virtually any field. Doctors, lawyers, architects, administrators, teachers; they all may run their own businesses someday.  The skills acquired in The Summer Management Program assist you in being a tremendous leader in no matter what field you choose to participate.

Do I need my own vehicle?

Yes a car is definitely required to run your own business. In the pre-season you need a car to get around your territory and do estimates. At this point any type of vehicle will do. Once you move into the production season (May and onward) you will need a vehicle for production. Many of our managers will purchase an old or used vehicle to carry around material supplies and ladders.

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